Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mir Fought The Cold, and The Mir Won!

Hey, did you sing the entry header to the tune of "I Fought The Law"--or whatever that song is really called? I did. But I sing while picking out produce at PUBLIX. Any excuse to get all pitchy is fine with me.

Anyway, I got sick Easter weekend. (Thanks to all who threw up a prayer for me.) For most folks, getting a cold is inconvenient and miserable, but brief. Me? If I get a cold, it turns to bronchitis 90% of the time. That means I'm sick for 3 weeks minimum. The record is 7 1/2 weeks. That was the week after my dad died. I think my immune system was exceptionally out of whack--as opposed to its normal state of suckiness--from the terrible stress of sore, sore grief.

I thought that bugger was never gonna leave my respiratory system. Try to imagine 7 1/2 weeks of coughing so much you're spitting up blood from a raw throat. Really. I expected to see a good chunk of lung fly outta my mouth during one of those endless coughing fits.



Well, I'm all better. Ergo, me happy-happy.

I got over this one in less than two weeks. Week and a half, actually. At the first signs of a scratchy throat and stuffy nose and that weird "there are alien fuzzy things burbling around inside my body" kind of feeling that always signals an infection, I starting downing extra doses of C, hitting the olive leaf and immune support complexes, drinking tea A and tea B and tea C , and then slurping juice X and juice Y and juice Z, then more tea A, followed by the last bit of tea C. Oh, yeah--and prayer. I surely did ask my praying loop for some speedy intercession.

That infection was under siege on all fronts, baby.

Anyway, I'm kinda overcommitted for the next MONTH. (Good for me. I tend to undercommit.)

I hope to post more frequently in the coming weeks. I want to blog on my prep of a proposal. We'll see. I might totally suck at it and refuse to show you my pathetic output. If you haven't read my posts over at ONCE UPON A NOVEL, and you're interested in the craft of writing, drop on by. I post there even less frequently than here, but those are useful posts, if I say so myself. And I did.

If you're still wanting to blog-surf, visit a couple of the blogs on my sidebar. I added two new ones: Sally Apokedak (she writes on Christian children's and y/a fiction) and Becky Miller's blog on a Christian worldview in fiction. She's been on a big "theme" thing lately. Go and see.


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sally apokedak said...

glad to hear that you're feeling better Mir.

And, hey, thanks for adding me to the sidebar. I'm famous now.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Glad that you're finally better!

Beth White said...

Mir, so glad you're better. I was over here snooping to see how you were progressing toward reading Fireworks--now I know! :o)