Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Islam says Converts to Christianity Must Be Executed

And that's why Abdul Rahman needs your prayers.

What? You don't know who Abdul Rahman is? Let me enlighten you to this (not unusual) case of Islamic Law violating a pretty basic human right: freedom of religion.

Setting: Afghanistan
Situation: Rahman, after a custody dispute that has his wife outing him as a Christian convert from Islam, finds himself arrested, charged, and sentenced to death for apostasy. (Apostasy means he left Islam and chose to follow another religion. You die for that under Shariah, ie. Muslim Law.)
Complications: Outcry from Western nations and pressure to release Rahman, who had been defended with some kind of insanity plea. Hey, if my choices were death or plead nuts, I'd plead nuts! The high court decides evidence is scant and releases him.
Current Status: The guy has vanished. Is this good? (He's been taking to asylum.) Or is this bad? (His family thought he deserved execution; clerics and Afghan crowds called for his head. Was he abducted and harmed?)

An AP update says he was released to family members. Yes, that's right. The same family members who vehemently agreed with the crowds and clerics that their kinsman should be put to death for...CONVERTING TO ANOTHER RELIGION OF HIS FREE WILL.

Tell me, how popular would it be to global Muslims if the Western nations started executing every person who converted to Islam? Would they not feel violated? Would they not see that as vicious, bigoted, and unjust? I'm guessing they would be rioting over it, huh?

See why you need to pray?

(And, if your budget allows, remember to donate to Voice of the Martyrs, which helps our brethren who suffer persecution like this, and worse.)

I've prayed for various Christian individuals over the years who have been falsely accused of crimes by malicious Muslim neighbors, or who faced a death sentence for choosing to change faiths. Some outcomes have been positive. Pray the end result will be positive for Mr. Rahman and all others in his situation in foreign lands.

And here's a thought: If Muslims really believe that there can be no coercion in matters of faith--as I have so often heard them quote from their holy writings--then I'd say stop telling people they'll be killed if they leave Islam. That's clearly COERCION of the worst sort and contradicts that whole "no compulsion in faith."

May moderate Muslims speak out and speak loudly on this.

Here are a few commentaries on this hot issue. And remember, Mr. Rahman is merely one isolated case of many, many in his situation:

From the ever smart and always passionate Anchoress:

On Monday, hundreds of clerics, students and others chanting “Death to Christians!” marched through the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif…

Yeah, yeah, Death to Christians, Death to Jews, Death to cartoonists, Death to gays, Death to unveiled or “dishonorable” women, Death to the West. Death to all who don’t agree with us! Death, Death, Death - that’s all these people know.

Richard Cohen over at Real Clear Politics writes on "Unfathomable Zealotry":

The groupthink of the Muslim world is frightening. I know there are exceptions -- many exceptions. But still it seems that a man could be killed for his religious beliefs and no one would say anything in protest. It is also frightening to confront how differently we in the West think about such matters and why the word "culture" is not always a mask for bigotry, but an honest statement of how things are. It is sometimes a bridge too far -- the leap that cannot be made. I can embrace an Afghan for his children, his work, even his piety -- all he shares with much of humanity. But when he insists that a convert must die, I am stunned into disbelief: Is this my fellow man?

And for a better round-up than I offer here, visit ORDINARY EVERYDAY CHRISTIAN.

To keep abreast on the jihad against the West, visit the article round-ups at Jihad Watch and at Dhimmi Watch.

Finally, please, please visit THE VOICE OF THE MARTYRS and support them if you can.

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