Thursday, March 16, 2006

E for Eager to See V FOR VENDETTA

I'm a lousy filmgoer. I can't remember my last theater run. Mildewy theaters mess with my sinuses and bronchii (and mine are genetically wonky to begin with). People chatting around me when I want to lose myself in a story annoys me no end. Cell phones ringing (and being answered LOUDLY!) and kids whining or kicking the back of my seat all make me nearly homicidal.

So, er, I avoid theaters.

But I may get the hubby to pass me the Sudafed and Singulair and head on over to my local theater to see V FOR VENDETTA, the film that opens tomorrow and is based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. I'm not on the same boat ideologically as Mr. Moore--he strikes me as hyperlibertarian, while I have an authoritarian streak in me two kilometers wide--but I like his obsessed and off-the-wall antiheroes. I really do.

In my rattan book bin, even now, are WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA, a couple bound volumes of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. And I have seen the film version of his IN HELL. (Eh.)

So, yeah, I'm excited. I love outcasts. I adore misfits. Crazy characters who simply do what they gotta do, the casualties be damned, fascinate me. That kind of passion captivates me.

Not that I want V or Rorschach living next door, mind ya. I'm not THAT nuts.

Still, I had a youthful crush on the operatic phantom and cling to an infatuation with the beast from La Belle et Le Bete, so, a tortured and canny wacko in a Guy Fawkes mask who's out for vengeance against his torturers and his country's oppressors, man, he's all up and down my alley.

WATCHMEN was a cooler tale, granted. V FOR VENDETTA is moodier and timely. It certainly has the sort of nifty details and allusions that readers of fiction can get dizzy over.

If you want to see if this film may be up YOUR alley, check out the reviews here.

It's an amazing movie. Not in exactly the way "The Matrix" was (how tired would that be?), but in a new way. Apart from its elegantly constructed plot and its unusual moral ambiguity, "V" has its own rich color and lighting (it was shot in Berlin and London), and an explosive new style of action choreography that's blessedly free of high-flying "wire work" clich├ęs. It's a fascinating picture, dark and exciting, and it will almost certainly be an enormous hit.
Kurt Loder's review

"V For Vendetta" is a glorious piece of pop culture subversive cinema that operates on manifold levels. On the surface, it’s a love story set in the depths of social despair, but it’s also a visionary tale of social uprising.
Cole Smithey's review

The Mir's Disclaimer: I do not approve of V's methodology. Terrorism is terrorism and V is, to my thinking, an idealistic madman. But, hey, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy watching a twisted mind setting a disfigured body in motion, does it? I always like seeing bad guys get it.
Yeah, yeah, I hear you out there: Vengeance is his, says the Lord. Well, sometimes, God takes a really long time to do that avenging and scourging thing, and justice delayed does, indeedy, feel like justice denied quite often. Sometimes, I look for immediate justice in fiction. It helps me cope with the sucky, uncalibrated scales of this world. Call me impatient if you like. Call me bloodthirsty. Label me weird, if it suits you. But there it is...I like to see vicious bad guys get it the hard way--and how!

And to close, remember this comment by Craig Klein over at the V FOR VENDETTA SHRINE when you read the graphic novel or watch the film:

"[W]ould you accept V's actions if you removed his mask and found the face of Osama bin Laden underneath?"

The answer is simple: No. I would not.

I like easy questions. (Almost as much as I like reading about mad crusaders.)

See you at the movies...maybe.

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