Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chime in on Christian Chick Lit: Which CCL Novel or Author Rocks Your Girly-World?

I'm in the mood to read a Christian Chick Lit--after I'm done with a slew of contest judging/critiquing I've got to do, that is.

Please give me your opinions/suggestions. Who do you like best in Christian Chick Lit (book, author)? *Notice I want Chick Lit suggestions, not Hen Lit or Frazzled Mom Lit. I prefer not to read about the "trouble with toddlers." Maybe the trouble with teens, hmmmm...

Anyway, who tops your list?

Is it Kris Billenbeck from out in the wacky west-lands?
Is it Penny Culliford from that "green and pleasant land"?
Or perhaps Judy Baer floats your chick ship?
Do you dig Marilyn "M-Nog" Griffith most of all?
Do you prefer Dreaming in Black & White ... or Technicolor?
Are Sassy Cinderellas and Romance Rustlers more your kind of read?

(If you can't pick just one author or book, at least give a couple of your most-fave faves.)

Please help me find some really good Christian Fiction. (I've heard pozbuzz about STEALING ADDA. Have you read that one? What did you think?) Please give me recommendations (preferably with why they're your top picks) in the comments section. I'm gonna be amazoning soon, so get cracking. ~~~grin~~~



Bonnie Calhoun said...

Sorry Mir...I don't read in that genre...but Hi! anyhow...

Mirtika said...

Hi, Miz Bonnie. Okay, you don't read SF/F and you don't read Chick Lit.

We gotta get you out of your comfort zones, my sister!


Synner said...

Laura Jensen Walker of "Dreaming" fame is very good. Lots of movie references (which I love) plus a sweet story.

Billerbeck's Ashley Stockingdale series is one of my favorites. Ashley is sassy and fun, plus she loves to shop. Billerbeck was actually the first Christian chick lit author I read so she's a sentimental fave.

Mary Griffith's "Pink" is amazing. I was blown away by this book because it dealt with real issues singles deal with. Great book. Her "Made of Honor" is good too, but I would recommend "Pink" first.

I haven't read "Stealing Adda" yet or "Just as I am" but they're both on my want to read list.

If I think of anyone else, I'll post more later.

Mirtika said...

Thanks, Synner. :) You know, maybe I'm a doofus or just forgetful, but I have no idea what your real name is. I just think of you as "Synner".


Camy Tang said...

All those authors and titles you mentioned are great! Most recently, I finished Mary Griffith's "Made of Honor" and Virginia Smith's "Just As I Am," both GREAT chick-lit books.


Mirtika said...

I know someone who's gonna have her very own great chick lit book out, um, next year? :)

Gina Burgess said...

Mir, I do recommend Pink. I live in rural Louisiana so don't have a lot in common with New York characters, but I did Identify with these characters! Also, Brenda Coulter's A Family Forever. The "Miss Julia" series by Ann B. Ross. The Zion Chronicles (4 or 5 in the series) by Bodie Thoene are a must read. It was thrilling.

If you haven't read Gone With The Wind, Do. The book is 100 times better than the movie. I burned a week of dinners until I finished that book. The sequel is pretty good, I can't remember who wrote that one.

I despise "fluffy" chick lit, so these are more on the edge of that genre.

Mirtika said...

Gina, thanks for chiming in. I read GWTW when I was 12, and didn't much care for it. I tried to reread it as an adult, and didn't much care for it. I don't even like the movie much. In fact, I tend to avoid Civil War era novels and movies. It's a time period I seem to have a prejudice against. (Plus, for a biracial gal like me, reading a book that uses derogatory terms FREQUENTLY, even if the term is totally, historically correct, gets annoying after a while. I can only take so many "darkies" tossed out.)

I read AFF and reviewed it. That review is somewhere on this post. :)

Haven't read PINK, though I read Marilyn Griffith's MADE OF HONOR.

BTW, A FAMILY FOREVER is not Chick Lit. Neither are the Boene books. Neither is GWTW. MADE OF HONOR tries to be CL, but is actually very good Women's Fiction.

I say that to clarify for anyone reading the comments. Chick Lit is not an alternate term for Women's Fiction--although it's frequently used that way. Chick Lit, strictly speaking, has a very sassy, witty, often sarcastic, definitely humorous female voice. Hyperbole is a factor, and often satire. There is a sense of vividness and a peculiar voice that is different from regular Women's Fiction (which is often more dramatic or serious or realistic).

I've picked up novels that were touted by a review or such as "Chick Lit" and found it to lack that hip, distinct, observant, satirical voice. It was actually romance or bildungsroman or Women's Fiction.


Synner said...

Mir, My name is really Syndi but in cyberspace I go by Synner. So you can think of me as "Synner" anytime you want to.