Thursday, February 16, 2006

Posting Potpourri : Genesis Booboo/Redirecting Christian Fiction /INFUZE Comics Calling/ Cartoons to Kill For/Buy Danish/F is for Fuchsia

~First potpourri ingredients: Last-Minute Perspiration Spiked With Chocolate

Been a few days since I posted. I was prepping my entry for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Allegory section of the GENESIS CONTEST. It's out of here. Its on the way to Arkansas, to Robin Miller, coordinator for my particular genre. If we don't get 15 entries minimum for SF/F/A, then our entries are combined into the General Fiction category, which I do not want to happen.

No, I want a category of our own, so that we have a shot at being judged by Kathy Tyers, author of THE FIREBIRD TRILOGY and of THE SHIVERING WORLD.

As will happen according to La Ley Murphy, the printer got all spastic the instant I chose to print out my contest copies. Hubby, the brilliant and muchly cute, fixed it, though that took a while, during which time I was stomping around the house going, "OMIGOSHOMIGOSHOMIGOSH," or something maybe less polite and postable. I proofed this baby like five times and left printing the five copies for next morning, so that I could do the last proof with a rested brain. I got to bed at 4 in the morning.

Three hours later, inspiration struck. I decided that I HAD TO CHANGE THE LAST SCENE'S ENDING. I spent five hours doing that. I then printed it out, proofing really fast afterwards cause I was running out of time! I got to the post office 2 hours before it closed on the very day of deadline, cause, hey, that's me. I have to do the last minute thing or life is just not exciting enough, right? So, after I mailed it off, I did the whole smoochie-woochie out and about thing on Valentine's Day with the handsomest engineer on God's earth (yes, yes, he is!), came home, relaxed, decided to reread a copy of my entry and---BLAMMO!--I spotted four typos.

FOUR, count em, FOUR typos.


I will be praying that whoever judges my entry suffers minute episodes of typo blindness at the appropriate times. Feel free to join me in petitioning the Almighty . . . after you pray for all the really important stuff.

2:05 P.M., 02/16/06 UPDATE: The SF/F/Allegory Category will stand alone. Watch the Mir do the happy-happy-joy-joy dance to a salsa beat! Thanks for the announcement, Miz "Rocking" Robin Miller.

~Next scent to hit your olfactory system: Vanilla

If you read or write Christian fiction, you will want to read this article: New Direction for Christian Publishing? You'll find it over at Faith Online. Here's a quote from the article that's sure to tick someone off:

As Christian publishing has evolved away from the mainstream, says Allen Arnold, it has developed a distinctive set of rules for the content and character of its fiction. “Much of it took on a ‘precious moments’ worldview that wasn't comfortable with the mystery of God or with many other things,” says Arnold. “Christian fiction has become a genre with a long list of things that each story should include and a longer list of what each story cannot include. It's often comfort food for the saved. It's billed as safe, as if ‘safe’ is a Christian virtue. But it's rarely culturally relevant or well-written.”

Allen Arnold, according to the article, is publisher of WESTBOW PRESS.

~And now you catch the mind-boggling scents of: Fresh Ink and Superhero Antiperspirant

The really super-hip-a-dip INFUZE MAGAZINE has put out a call for creative types who want to create comic books. If you've read this blog since its early days way back in, oh, October of last year, you know that I enjoy reading some comics--and am totally taken and in awe of the SANDMAN series, the ASTONISHING X-MEN series, and WATCHMEN--and that my hubby and I visit the local comic book store with regularity. In fact, I need to go catch up with SHAOLIN COWBOY. So, I'm very pleased that the cool folks at INFUZE are seeking to make new and nifty comics come to life under their auspices.

Are you an artist with a yen to sketch comics? Are you a writer with a rousing idea for a comic book series? Well, rush over to check out the beginnings of INFUZE COMICS. They want to do this:

We'll pair up great writers with great artists, and help guide your creative collaborations together.

The comics created through this program will be branded with the "Infuze Comics" logo and published in the Original Comic Books section of Infuze Magazine.

~And our next tantalizing aroma: Embassy Ash

Perhaps your local paper turned yellow-bellied recently regarding the Danish Cartoons--and do we blame them when neck-carving is the preferred sport of some of those fellas?--even though they printed those yucky Abu Ghraib nudie shots for a couple weeks straight without any care of what the repercussions might be to our troops or our digestive systems.

There you are, wondering what Cartoons Worth Killing Over look like. Wonder no more. Go here.

I wish the same folks burning embassies and fatwa-ing artists and marching loudly down streets would put some of that effort into stopping the genital mutilations of their own very young women, or the tribal-elders gang rapes on the sisters of boys who did something they didn't like, or the honor murders of girls who kiss a boy on the sly and tick off Daddy or brother-dear, or the whipping to death of teens for minor delinquencies. And, if they can spare a march or two, can they organize a few to pressure Islamists to quit maiming, torturing, and murdering my fellow Christians all over the fricken globe? Maybe y'all could march so that Muslim governments would stop confiscating Bibles and prohibiting churches from doing needed repairs. And could you stop raping Christian gals so they're forced to marry and convert to Islam? You know, as a personal favor to the whole of Christendom. It would mean soooo much. Just put off that embassy arson until you LET MY PEOPLE GO, dagnabbit!

After all, in the West, we let y'all have Qu'rans and build spanking new mosques and go out in the street and gather converts. And we don't kill you for it or even put a kitchen knife to your throat after.

Whoa, I ask too much, I know. Never mind. Keep marching and threatening folks over pretty mild depictions of a bearded man who was, as even Muslims will admit, merely human and not divine, not the Almighty One, and who, as it seems, had been depicted by Muslims in previous centuries without, you know, assorted folks being put on a death and dismemberment list for it.

(Shoot, why ain't we Christians burning stuff down after that DRAWN TOGETHER episode showing Jesus as a peeping tom that aired recently? We could have had a major barbecue of that museum after the Serrano crucifix-in-urine display. Man, we could learn a thing or two from wild-eyed pyromaniacs overseas...oh, never mind. I'm a winter. I don't look good in ash gray.)

~Your nostrils now pick up the yummy scent of: Butter Cookies

If you think the radical Islamists burning down Danish property and boycotting the Danes are superwhack, stick it to them in a peaceful, civilized, 21st century manner: Go out and BUY SOMETHING DANISH. I purposely shopped this past week for items I never add to my shopping list: Denmark's Finest brand of Havarti cheese (yum) and Royal Dansk butter cookies (also yum, as I discovered, to my diet's dismay). I told my husband, "Go buy some Lego!" Being a Lego fanatic, that particular instruction only made him smile. Here's a peaceful, non-maiming way to stick it to the loons asking for the death of cartoonists. Enjoy your Havarti!

~And, finally, you're greeted by the delicate perfume of: Fuchsias

Fuchsia is a word I have to stop and think about, cause I am ALWAYS tempted to misspell it as fuschia.

Here are a couple of easier ways to remember how to spell this very weird little name for a plant or color (purplish red, says the dictionary).

1. Don't make a scene over a plant. It's a bit much.(Don't "sc";it's "ch")

2. Remember the person after whom the fuchsia is named: Fuchs.

From the dictionary: Fuchsia, genus name, after Leonhard Fuchs (1501–1566), German botanist.


Carol Collett said...

Mir, you rant almost as good as I do when I get my Irish up!

mike duran said...

Love the Allen Arnold quote almost as much as the Islam cartoons, though neither makes me want to destroy something. Thanks for the "fewshu" lesson, Mir.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I can understand finding typos after it's out the door....been there, done that!

I pray you have all the best success with the contest!

Mirtika said...

Hey, and everyone go visit the ACFW NASHVILLE site, cause it's got Carol and our own beloved Mikey Snyder (who's always worth reading).

Mike, there you go and misspell it again. Darn you. :)

Bonnie, and I'm not even the best proofer in the universe, but, well, I thought I had it down to maybe one or two. And if I caught four, that means there are probably SIX, minimum. :-P I will happily TAKE those prayers, babycakes!

Mir<--whose carpal tunnel booboo is acting up, so, maybe I need prayer for THAT....

Camy Tang said...

MIR! You shouldn't be telling everybody you have typos! Now people might start looking for them.

But I am pretty happy Sci-fi is going to stand alone this year again!

I have ACFW Nashville pictures, too, on my pictures blog:


Deb Kinnard said...

Warning: snarky comment follows. If you are easily honked off, stop reading now.

It really irks me when CBA editors get on their blogs or elsewhere and moan about the lack of quality (or whatever they want to call it) in Christian fiction. This is because THE PUBLISHERS are the ones choosing the same-old, same-old, time and again. How many times have we heard that you "can't" write this or that, lest you offend someone who can't be exposed to anything. Do CBA readers watch the 6:00 news? Yeah? Then they're being exposed to a whole lot more than the "can'ts" in Christian fiction.

I propose the following: let the CBA pubs, in lieu of moaning about quality, each pick up one author whose work they've never looked at seriously before. I submit that the quality might astound them...