Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Mission, Contrition, Attrition, and the Human Condition

All those who know me well also know that I can procrastinate and dip into unadulterated sloth like nobody's business. If you've been following my blog, you know I set myself some resolutions this year. Those resolutions encompass most of The Mission for 2006.

So far, this year has been a refreshing challenge and change for me:

~~I'm writing consistently. I've even returned to writing poetry, a form I hadn't really worked in for years and years.
~~I'm editing daily.
~~I'm almost exercising consistently, which is great progress from the Marathon Ultimate and Extreme Sport of Couch Slouching and Snacking, the event where I have garnered several gold medals, numerous national championships, and a bronzed collection of blocks of human blubber.
~~I'm gradually adjusting to a much, much lower calorie limit than usual--okay, previously, there was NO limit, but you know what I mean. Just imagine if you cut your daily food intake BY MORE THAN HALF, and you'll get a rough idea of how tough this is for The Mir.
~~I'm having good chats with the Lord. He's amazingly cool. I adore Him...er, literally.
~~I've made it a point to encourage someone daily as a spiritual exercise. I also have put myself out there to assist other fellow unpubbed writers. Isolation comes easily to me. This blog is part of getting "out there" and being human. And helpful. I do hope I'm helpful to some of you going through the same messes I am.
~~I'm working daily on that whole judgmental thing. I have a mini-Pharisee who lives under my skin. I have to slap him down daily or, on bad days, just use a bat with spikes. I have very good days, okay days, and bad days. This year, I've had a lot of good days. It's a shame I still have to resort to figurative violence, but there you go. Pharisees die hard.

(And, in case you're following The Mir's decline-of-the-good-sort, I'm down 13 pounds since January 1 and my ankles are starting to show. Oh, and gee, only about 122 lbs to go. There's no limit on sarcasm like there are on calories, right?)

So, I pat myself on the back. There, I enjoyed that.

On to the Contrition portion of our post:

I'm totally slacking off on the Bible Challenge. I'm so behind, that to try and get caught up will surely send me into a cheese-and-chocolate binge. In the interest of the Overall Mission, I will simply restart the challenge as of February 15. I can't tackle another massive thing until AFTER I SEND OFF MY GENESIS ENTRY.

I know my limitations.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. God is good and forgiving. Amen.

Attrition: My team over at the eDiets "New You Challenge" has pretty much dropped down to three of us from an initial count of ten. (Hey, lifestyle change is tough. See my previous comment on the Bible Challenge.) But we're soldiering on.

That does say something about the Human Condition, though, doesn't it? We start off so eagerly on our resolutions, but soon realize change is hard, so most of us drop out of this or that race.

I admire the super-disciplined, who just say, "I'm going to do this," and then do it.

That's not me. This is me: "Ooh, that patch of roses smells so good, I'm going to lie here a while and sniff, and, oh, that book of poetry is so yummy, let me read a few pages, and, wow, I feel like singing, lalalalalalalaaaaa, and now I'm getting sleepy, ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzz."

So, to all of you uberbeings who "Just do it!"--God bless y'all.

To those of you who, like me, struggle to reach goals and fight against oodles of distractions: Let's just pray for each other, support each other, say kind words to one another, and, ooooh, did you read that latest Ted Dekker?

Oh, sorry, I mean: Did you get your Bible Challenge chapters read and your 30 cardio minutes done?



Dineen A. Miller said...

LOL! You're so funny and I can so relate. Loved reading this. 13 pounds! Wow! That is so great. I'm green. ;-) I did read the latest Ted Dekker. Very good, loved it. Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration. And thanks for adding me to your links!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm reading Comes a Horseman, again...boy its a good read..while I'm on the treadmill...lost 5 so far.

Hey...LOL...add to your list for the year....Offending foriegn readers to romance writer's blog...ROFLOL...you go girl...I couldn't have said it better. I knew I liked you for a reason!!!

Camy Tang said...

You rock and you know it! 13 pounds is terrific. I haven't lost any! Waaaaaah! In fact, I've gained weight, and I'm hoping it's just muscle gain since I've been doing weights 3 times a week at PT. But I hope that now that I'm counting calories more vigorously, and now that I'm trying to do aerobic exercise everyday, that I'll start slowly losing. This is so frustrating!

Yeah, just start your Bible in 90 Days up again where you left off! And blog every day about it--that'll REALLY keep you accountable. Trust me, I know this from experience.


Anna said...

Everything stops for a new Ted Dekker, of course. I'm reading Obsession now, while trying not to vibrate with excitement that he and Frank Perretti have collaborated on a novel together -- can't wait to read that one.

I do so totally hear you on goals - we shoot for the Proverbs 31 woman and end up being the Romans 7 woman instead.

Mirtika said...

Dineen, I haven't read Ted yet. I ordered it from amazon the day I posted, so it was right up in my head. :)

Bonnie, THANKS. I think my temper did get the wee better of me. But you know what--that poster is someone who values conflict and controversy to get blog hits to her own blog. Brenda was right to not give her the satisfaction of a feud for her own selfish purposes. Why is an erotica/romantica reviewer andfan and self-described wallower in "bitchiness" so eager to get a copy of a family-friendly, religious romance. Makes the Mir suspicious. Let's keep losing pounds, Bonnie. And gaining PAGES and BOOKS. :)

Camy, you're right. When I restart, I need to post my progress and insights. Accountability rules, baby. And yes, if you're working out with weights, you're gaining pounds. Years ago, I hired a trainer. I gained 13 pounds of muscle and lost 18 pounds of fat. So, on the scale, it looked puny. But in terms of good vs. bad weight, it was important.

Anna, I'm a poster-child for Romans 7. Every day, I want to noogie myself for not doing what I want or doing what I don't want. Paul nailed that human condition issue.

Thanks for commenting, sweeties!

Mirtika said...

BOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNIE!!!! I'm slapping my forehead. I knew when I was redoing the template that I forgot someone in the links. IT WAS YOU.

Okay, next template update, you get put in the links sidebar.


Robin Bayne said...

You are doing great on so many counts.

Take a moment and celebrate : )