Monday, February 06, 2006

GENESIS CONTEST--Does Your First Chapter Have What It Takes?

Takes to what, you ask?

A: To be one of the top five finalists in the contest and, by virtue of such high scores, land smack dab in the midst of the WARNER FAITH editorial board for consideration, that's what. Oh, and if you're numero uno in the scores department, you get FIVE HUNDRED SMACKEROOS.

Hey, one can dream, can't one?
(And one can use high-falutin' pronouns in one's blog post, yes, one can.)

If you doubt my word--and shame on you if you do!--take a gander at this straight from the ACFW-horse's mouth:

Prizes – Highest scoring entry overall, GRAND PRIZE WINNER, receives $500. Top five (5) scoring entries overall, TOP FIVE FINALISTS, go to the Warner Faith editorial board for consideration. CATEGORY WINNERS, first place entries in each category, receive $50 off their 2007 ACFW National Conference registration fee and 1st choice for editor/agent appointments at the 2007 ACFW National Conference. CATEGORY WINNERS, TOP FIVE FINALISTS, and the GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be announced at the ACFW 2006 Conference.

Here's the rub: You can't enter unless you're a member of ACFW

The good news: You can add your membership dues and application to the contest entry fee and that takes care of matters.

If you're not familiar with Warner Faith, they publish fiction by Lisa Samson, Deborah Bedford, Shelley Bates, Robert L. Wise, Karen Kingsbury, Patricia Hickman, Tracey Bateman, and others. If curiosity is splooshing over you like a monster wave, then google any of those names for blogs and book information or click on the link I provided to the Warner Faith site.

While I figure my first chapter has a teeny-tiny snowball's chance in a furnace of being a top-five scorer, I nevertheless wildly, bright-eyed-ly, idealistically, breaking-out-into-song-and-dance-at-the-idea-ly fantasize thereon.

Hmmm, I think this pink grapefruit green tea I'm drinking does more than scientists yet know, chemically speaking.

Gotta go write now. And then drink some more tea. And polish my dance routine.


Camy Tang said...

I'd enter myself just for the 500 bucks. But I can't, cuz I'm coordinating. (shucks) There's one RWA chapter contest that pays for the RWA conference fee, which is like three hundred something dollars, and they get TONS of entries. This is FIVE HUNDRED BUCK and FIVE SPOTS at a pub board meeting. What's not to like? I'll be rooting for you, Mirster.

Carol Collett said...

Where can I buy some of that tea in Nashville! Girl, you got some energy goin' on!

Mirtika said...

Yes, pray for me, Miz Camy. PRAY HARD (but don't get on your knees and hurt your post-surgical recovery.)

Carol, I put a link in the post if you really, really wanna try it. It's actually the BEST green tea I've found. I drink it unsweetened it's so yummy. Regular green tea makes The Mir go BLECH. I buy it at BORDERS. It's by Republic of Tea, who make a lot of tasty teas. But of all their green teas I've tried, the pink grapfruit is queen.