Friday, February 24, 2006

A Dragon, a Knight, and an Angel Walk Into This Tavern, and the Dragon says...

How's that for a set-up?

If I only knew the punchline.

Still, on the subject of Dragons, Knights and Angels...

I know some of you dropping by this blog must enjoy SF/F. Maybe a couple of you (oh, I hope so) enjoy writing it.

Is this you?

Good. Harken unto The Mir:

DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS is sponsoring a fiction contest. The theme shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Um, look at the subject heading of this post. Glance at the name of the magazine again.

Got it?

If not, I'll let the DKA managing editor, Selena Thomason, speak:

What we are looking for is…
Innovative and unexpected uses of dragons, knights, and angels - [preferably] all three in one story.”

Contest submissions are being accepted through Sunday, April 30th.

To submit a story for the contest, please read and follow our submissions guidelines.
In addition, please indicate in your cover letter if your submission is for the contest.

Please be aware that while we want to see innovative stories about angels (and dragons, and knights), we do not want to see any stories where angels (or God) are depicted in a way contrary to Christian beliefs, or stories that would be offensive to a Christian audience.

The Mir suggests you check out the DKA Vision Statement if you want a better idea of the type of stuff that rocks their editorial world. Rock their world: good. Bash their worldview: bad.

More from Selena:

There is no entry fee.

Four prizes will be awarded:
First place - $25
Second place - $15
And two honorable mentions at $5 each.

Contest entries will also be considered for publication in DKA, unless the author specifies otherwise in the cover letter. If they are accepted for publication in DKA, the author will also receive the usual $10 payment for the story.

As with our usual submissions, contest entrants can expect some feedback from the editorial staff if their story is declined. Please let us know in your cover if you do not want any comments on your submission.

The usual fine print applies: contest entries must be received by deadline, the judges’ decisions are final, etc.

Let me emphasize one point: No entry fee.

You can win money. You don't have to dish out a fee. And you submit online, so you' don't waste moolah on postage or tyvek envelopes.

People, that's a deal.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

*sniff* I feel left out...I don't write about any of the above *sniff*

Mirtika said...

Well, you could... :)


Carol Collett said...

Dragons and knights and angels-oh my....

Methinks me hears a story a brewin in me head...arrrhhhggggg

Chris said...

Thanks for this, Mir. I'll see what I can do with my f*i*f conversion story.

Chris said...

D'oh! I just read further down the list of contest rules ... stories previously submitted to contests are out. (Whose brilliant idea was that? Oh, yours. I, um, meant "brilliant' in a good way ... honest.)

Guess I'll have to put on my thinking toque. <sigh>

Mirtika said...

Yes, submit, Chris. We need good entries. :D