Sunday, February 19, 2006

Agents and Answers

I seem to have wandered into several articles or discussions on agents this past week. Since it's in the air, I offer two links to agent Q&A's:

Thanks to the ever-lovely Kris B., who linked linked the ACFW peeps (including moi) to the following panel-of-estimable-agents Q&A over at Writer's Market. It's called AGENTS SHARE THEIR SECRETS.

The panel includes Elaine English (Graybill & English), Donald Maass (Donald Maass Literary Agency), Evan Marshall (The Evan Marshall Agency), and Ann Rittenberg (Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency). Among the questions answered are "What do you look for in new/potential clients?" and "Should writers follow trends in publishing?" and "What are the two most important things you look for in the perfect pitch/query letter?"

Robin's Writing World recently featured a terrific Interview with Judson Knight of The Knight Agency Find out what his agency is seeking, his submission pet peeves, his idea of a dream submission, and his answer to whether or not contest wins snag his attention.

I liked this nugget from his answer on a question regarding the (dread) synopsis:

"...we all know how hard it is write a synopsis—indeed, it usually proves to be much harder than writing the book itself. Still, a writer needs to put her best effort into the synopsis, because a good summation illustrates mastery of the larger work, and because writing a synopsis often helps the writer to detect flaws in the book itself."

I think he's right about that last bit.

For your browsing pleasure, I offer links to books written by two of the agents mentioned in this post:


Bonnie Calhoun said...

thanks for the post Mir...Agents are always a relevant topic!

April said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Mir! Great info!!

Dineen A. Miller said...

Just got back from one of Maass' seminars. I have pages and pages of notes and writing exercises. I'm still chewing it all up. Jennifer suggested I blog about it. Maybe I will. Really good stuff, just can't swallow it all yet. LOL!

Camy Tang said...

Yeah, I liked that article too. Ditto what Dineen said--it was a great seminar. But before you feel too jealous, the exercises are in the Breakout Novel Workbook.