Tuesday, January 31, 2006

You write? They blog!--->Tips A Click Away

Ain't the web a hoot? All those people typing away, all that knowledge floating about, the truth, the lies, the insanity.

I love it!

And so, I offer some sites I visit with regularity to find emotional support and intellectual stimulation, but most of all, to ingest the insights of other writers so that I can improve my own work:

Charis Connection is a group blog whose contributors are well-known, well-loved names in Christian fiction. The latest post includes "what I would do differently if I was starting out as a writer TODAY" tips by Lori Copeland. Check it out.

Dave Long is an editor for Bethany House, and his blog, Faith in Fiction, touches on various aspects of writing fiction and the publishing industry. He has terrific insight and wants to promote better fiction in the CBA. You can't stroll around his blog without learning SOMETHING that will be of use. The discussion forum is frequented by some very sharp folks who can answer your questions intelligently, or at least wittily.

Without question, Brandilyn Collins' blog, Forensics and Faith, is one of the best writing blogs, period. She delves into story-craft, offers tips and techniques, and really cares about helping other people write better. If you write suspense--especially Christian suspense--you need to visit this blog. Plus she's had a miraculous healing--recently featured on the 700 Club--and it doesn't get much cooler than that!

Got an itch to write Christian Chick Lit? Then visit the Faith Chicks. This is a group blog whose members are writers in that very genre and all-around classy chicks.

The Master's Artist is a truly terrific blog that regularly includes posts by the highly esteemed (by moi) J. Mark Bertrand the Grand and Mike Snyder the Sweet, two bright story-writing gents, and the smart-n-sassy Mary DeMuth, who dwells in a faraway land called...France. Heard of it? You'll find a bunch of other swell guys and gals and a host of helpful links. GO THERE ASAP!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Chris Well's blog, Learning Curve, is tres nifty. He covers a lot of ground--television, films, novels, comic books with commentary, reviews, interviews or just links to news items. Chris is one of those folks you'd love to sit at your lunch or dinner table at a conference or retreat. Since that's not an option, I'm glad I--and you--can drop by his blog and find out what is new and fresh and happening in the world of entertainment.

Church of the Masses offers an insider's view of the entertainment industry, only this insider loves Jesus and the church A LOT and wants truth and faith and spiritual issues to be more genuinely and artfully depicted in films and on television. (Visit my previous post on ACT ONE if you want to know about the organization she directs.) If you're a screenwriter-in-the-making, drop by.

Camy of Camy's Loft is one of my fave online sweetie-weeties, and she regularly reviews and gives away books. I would think that alone would have you heading her way. She is also the Story Sensei. If you have a synopsis you want evaluated for story structure, she's the go-to gal for that. She also likes to pray for her blog readers on Sunday (if you drop a comment of a prayer need). Yep, Camy's a keeper!

Mike Duran has a cleverly (if in a way ickily) titled blog: DECOMPOSE. If you're a scribe, you get it, though, right? He's a gifted storyteller and his site is definitely different looking. (Check out the declicious quotes.) His posts are worth perusing.

Novel Journey belongs to Gina Holmes , who maintains a fun and active site that's chock full of interviews and reviews. She's also really cute. Go check out her pic if you doubt me.

The blogs I read regularly will be found on my sidebar, and they are not all writing-related. But I hope this list will help all you newbie and struggling writers out there find insight, tips, and encouragement on this often difficult and lonely venture of creating stories.


Camy Tang said...

WOW! Thanks for listing MY blog with people like Brandilyn Collins and Charis Connection! Man! Now I have to live up to the hype...

michael snyder said...

Yeah, thanks Mir. And you even called me Sweet...sweet!

All great links there.


April said...

You always share such great info and resources. Thanks!

Dineen A. Miller said...

Great list. I read most of these too. Very cool!

Gina Holmes said...

Well, now did that make my day or what? Great blog and cute too, woohoo. I appreciate the plug very much!

Anna said...

Mir! Great to find your blog -- we used to run into each other on the AOL romance fiction boards. I will certainly be back.

Mirtika said...

ANNA!!!! You're adorable looking. I never saw your "face" before. :) Good to "see" you here.

Camy, you already live up to the hype. Just keep posting on writing stuff or you'll belie my post. ; )

April and Dineen--I drop by your blogs regularly. And I wonder how to pronounce "Dineen" every time I show up there.

Mikey, you ARE sweet. Don't start trying to be Mr. Tougho now. We won't believe it. :D MUAH!

Gina, happy to plug a great blog.

Dineen A. Miller said...

LOL! So does everyone else. It's pronounced Di (short "i" line "it" and neen, long e, which is where my nickname came from.

If you can't catch it, just call me D, like Robin Miller does. The "i" was to hard for her. LOL!

Now, did I confuse you?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Great list, I've been to most all of them!