Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Would You Say To The Man Who Kills You?

I can tell you right off that, barring the gushing grace of God, I'm going to howl or growl or gasp or hiss something very, very, very rude and, obviously, unprintable in this blog...right before I throw a quickie confession skyward for all my icky thoughts and for that last spew of blue.

I mean, ya know, just me.

Fortunately for fiction, Mr. Chris Well, he of the nifty blog and comic-strip artist wife, had a different idea, one that forms the premise of a terrific Christian novel, FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG. The cool premise: What happens to a hit man when his preacher-victim forgives him with his dying breath?

That makes for a heckuva story, folks!

Chris is clearly a well-and-widely-read fellow. He pays homage to The Bard, The Big Sleep, and to comic books, filling his story with a killer with Lady MacBeth syndrome, a literate mobster, and comics-loving cop, all wrapped up with plot points outta King Lear and a style that reminds you of hardboiled fiction you've probably read at some point--Chandler, Leonard. It's a delight to find the literary allusions, the pop-culture references.

The pace moves at a good clip, so you won't be bored as you follow cops and baddies and Solomon Long as they chase each other around, shoot things up, battle interior demons and experience grace. Well cleverly shows us how the hand of God can intervene, just so, overtly or discreetly.

FORGIVING SOLOMON long was chosen as one of Booklist's Top Ten Christian Novels of the past year. I don't really think you'll be disappointed, especially if you like genre fiction and a spiritual element in your stories.

Chris has a new novel coming out in March: DELIVER US FROM EVELYN. Not really a title I can resist. Once you read FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG, I think you'll be joining me in hunting down a copy of his next work as soon as it hits the shelves.

(A link to Chris' nifty blog is in the sidebar. You may also want to visit for a recent two-part interview with Chris that you're sure to enjoy if you have any desire to write or are a writer.)


April said...

Sounds like a very good read. Thanks for sharing!

Mike Duran said...

Thanks, Mir. These are two books I definitely need to read. And I agree with you that Chris' blog is "nifty."

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I was one of the winners! Wahoooo, great book!