Monday, January 09, 2006

Resolutions: Big Mama Mir's Big Three

Making resolutions makes a gal feel so virtuous and ready for adventure.

Keeping them? Well, let's say my track record stinks.

But I persist. I live in hope. I am a dreamer of dreams and setter of goals.

I am also vast. I may not contain multitudes, like that Gadarene guy, but I very nearly qualify as a crowd all by myself. The Mir is...not petite. The Mir is...okay, FAT. Huge. Venus of Willendorfian. Great Danes fear I might trip and fall on them. I terrify chairs.

Fortunately, my hubby of twenty-two and a half years still finds me babe-a-licious and wants to grab me, frequently and fervently. God bless the deluded darling and his fine, manly legs. (Big Mama Mir is most blessed among women.)

Okay, enough about my adiposity and my hunkyboo. On to my big three resolutions. Maybe they're your big three resolutions, too. It's not like mine are so dang unique.

Here we go...

~~1. The Big One: Spiritual Growth.

It is remarkably easy to keep putting off things such as serious Bible study, holy meditation, prayer, and the exercise of Spirit-given gifts. I go through soul-feastings and fastings. Last year had both. This year, I'm aiming to feed the spirit and love God more.

It always goes back to discipline (and my lack of it). All my goals are related to discipline in one way or another. The spiritual disciplines (prayer, Scriptural immersion, holy meditation, fasting, exercise of virtues, etc) are necessary for growth in the knowledge and love of God, not to mention the control of vices.

I've been lax for months.

I signed up to start, this week, the 90 Day Bible Challenge. The whole Bible in 90 days. You can sign up too, if you want. Go here.

~~2.The Big-In-Another-Way One: Weight Loss

You already knew this was coming cause, well, you did read the first part of this post right? Thought so.

I've summoned up that Word of the Year and signed up for the NEW YOU CHALLENGE over at eDiets. (I didn't find out about the challenge until today, so I'm hoping I squeaked in on time, as it

I gotta tell you, just posting that I wanted in on the challenge scared me. The idea of having to be accountable, of having to post on my progress in calorie restriction and exercising (ACK!), of knowing that my behavior would either cause my team to gain or lose points...well, it required courage from me. (If you missed my post on this, see January 2 below.)

I'm also signed up to the online version of Weight Watchers.

Weekly weigh-ins. Ouch.

~~3. The Big-in-a-Word-Count-Way One: Finishing A Novel

I've started novels. I've NOT finished one. This irks me no end. I want to really berate myself in a nasty, British sort of way, and then kick myself in the behind.

Instead, I'll just do it publicly, so I'm accountable. Hence, Once Upon a Novel. It's been dormant for about two weeks, but it's time to rev up. I set my goal: a finished manuscript, revised and ready to go to an editor or agent by December 2006. (I secretly hope I finish much sooner, but I'm not that courageous yet.)

Feel free to pray for my inspiration and consistent effort. Consider it part of fulfilling your spiritual growth resolution.

If you think writing a novel is easy, then I assume you never did it. Or if you found it easy, you're 1. a literary genius or 2. a blithering dolt who produced dreck and doesn't know it. This is my multi-part theory on writing fiction:

*Great fiction: a gift from God, and probably either astonishly difficult or naturally outpouring as if inspired.
*Quite Good fiction: ridiculously hard and only the truly driven and naturally adept (in some degree) get there.
*Average fiction: less hard, but still not easy, cause, man it's hundreds of pages of STUFF that you have to make up and arrange into something that makes sense.
*Kinda Bad fiction: anyone can do it who has several weeks to kill, if they have paper and something that marks said paper.
*Really interesting and heinously horrible fiction: hilarious, actually, and so has entertainment value; also probably not that hard, unless a talented writer attempts it for sport.

I've been told I'm somewhat talented. I just need to be way, way more driven.

(When you pray for my writing, can you add a forty-day fast to that? Might help. Thanks oodles.)

Note: I plan to post updates on my resolutions, as well as links to helpful sites and resources for those of you on a similar journey to grow spiritually, shrink physically, and produce creative material.


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

3 worthy resolutions. I wish I were so brave. May you have the greatest of success!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Curm, Mir. You're brave. And I'm proud. Praying for you.

Camy Tang said...

YOU ROCK!!! And actually, I will sort of join you on all three.

I started the Bible in 90 days (informally) today using my wonderful new NLT Life Application Bible.

I am also determined to lose weight this year, although I was not brave enough to join a CHALLENGE or sign up for eDiets or Weight Watchers.

And my deadline for my fourth manuscript (75K) is April 30th.

But I am taking Margie Lawson's Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviors online course and that might help me with my discipline in reading the bible, eating, exercising, and writing.

Yeah! You and me, babe!

Mirtika said...

Hey, I've got a LIFE APPLICATION BIBLE, too. New King James.

I like NASB and ESV better, but hey, it was on sale. :D


Mom Nancy said...

Mir, I'm right there with you on the three resolutions. I've joined my second weight loss class at the Y. I lost 6 pounds the first one. Plan to do better this time.

I HAVE to get a book out the door this year. I got a royalty check today from Wings for the past three months and it was --- let's just say, I can't even take myself out to McDonald's on it!

I also fell down on my resolution to pray a rosary every day, but tonight I start again!

Mirtika said...

Nancy, I really wish you well in your own challenges. It's hard, isn't it? Any kind of disciplined, regular effort is HARD.

Let's hope that Camy, Me, You, all our regular "aspiring" writer pals, all get good work done this year, get editors interested, get agents if we want them, and that God is glorified in what we do, and HOW we do it.


Dineen A. Miller said...

Awww, great goals. I'll pray for you. I posted my goals on my blog a few posts ago. Goals 1 and 2 are to be announced at the end of the month. Yikes! I had to keep them secret for now as part of the Thin Within workbook I'm doing. LOL! I guess I better get serious.

Mirtika said...

Hey, I've heard of the Thin Within plan. I'll check over at your blog to see how you're doing. But, I'm thinking you don't need to lose too much. You look SKINNY in your pic. :)