Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mir's Round-up and Resolutions Recap

I haven't posted in a few days, so bear with me.

~~Pammer is alive and almost-well and posting again on her blog. Please drop by and read her post for Monday, January 16. She could use some prayer. Do it for moi.

~~My review of MADE OF HONOR is over at Hey, I like it. Check it out and see if you do, too.

~~INFUZE magazine has compiled their voter-selected 10 best short stories and 10 best poems (and some other good stuff) for you to buy, read and enjoy. The adorable Mike Snyder, the delightful Mike Duran, and the crime-fictionado Chris Well, he of the nifty blog, all have stories in there. That alone makes it worth reading, says The Mir.

(Note: Chris has a post over there now on BEHIND THE SCREEN, a book I recommend for any Christian interested in going into the film industry. Check it out.)

~~I've finally caught up on sleep after accruing a deficit during the conference weekend. I will post later on the ACT ONE SCREENWRITING WEEKEND for those interested in the film industry. I can say this right now: If it comes to your area, go. Just do it. Mucho fun. Mucho good info.

~~Praising loud here. I learned that my online pal, Camy, won't have to redo surgery on her knee. She had fallen, but she got up. :) Actually, she was afraid she'd retorn it post-surgically, but the doc says nay. I say, "Hooray!"

God, He's rocking good.


~~"How are those resolutions of yours going, there, Mir?" you ask.
Ah, your concern warms the Cuban barrel tiles of my heart.

Here's the lowdown:

1. Diet and exercise: Super, thanks for asking. Lost 3 pounds last week. Have been eating at a caloric level I wouldn't have dreamed I could sustain one day, much less a week and a half, and my treadmill has been shocked out of a couple-year coma brought on by disuse. It's recovering nicely.

That New You Challenge at eDiets rocks. I guess I'm someone who needs external accountability AND competition. Whoddathunkit? You might want to consider joining in the next one in March if you've got some habits to change in the food/exercise dept. (Put down those chips right now! Go eat a peach...)

2. Bible Challenge: Oops. I'm behind in that 90-Day Challenge. Way behind. But I'll catch up to Camy, Marilynn, et al. My optimism is unbounded. I'm past where Sodom & Gomorrah go boom and closing in on Jacob's reconciliation with Esau.

3. Writing: Er...I'm gonna do some today. I promise. Check with me next week and see if I'm not kicking manuscript butt.

(Feel free, kind blog-reader, to pray for any of these resolutions. I may not be a food-hog this month, but I'm still a prayer hog.)

Sneak Preview of Upcoming Mir Posts:
Bible Stuff on SELF-CONTROL to help us keep our resolutions


michael snyder said...

Mir, thanks for the updates and the plug. Maybe some day you can give us the blow-by-blow of the Act I weekend.

Chris Well said...

Hey, be sure and let me know when you post your report on the Act One weekend ... I'll post a link!

Camy Tang said...

Thanks for praying for me!

WOW, you rock on your diet and exercise. I wish I could say the same. :( More veggies, that's the ticket. Oh, and less eating out. I ate out more often the past week than I have in months.