Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Good Girl's Guide to Armageddon

I couldn't resist using that cool title for my header, even if it's incomplete. The whole truth is that J.Mark Bertrand wrote a story called, "The Good Girl's Guide to Armageddon, Book 1: The Ivy League Bible Club Goes to War." The editors of The Wittenburg Door chopped off the first part of his title and kept the second part. Me, I dig it in its cool, tongue-in-cheeky entirety.

Don't you agree?

Anyway, I don't know about y'all, but with that crazy title, that's a story I gotta read. ASAP.

(I ordered my copy with my handy-dandy Visa mere seconds after leaving J. Mark's blog.Now, I wait...)

If you, too, must get your girlie, manicured hands on this story--or your manly, hair ones--hie yourself over to Wittenburg Door's website and order it up. Trust me. J. Mark can write up storm. I have no doubts this will be a goody.

Note: If those WD folks have any business sense, they'll start marketing adorable, scoop-neck shirts splashed across the bosom with the artwork they created for this story. The cottony yummies will sell like LEFT BEHIND hot cross buns! (I'd recommend a pale seafoam green, a soft salmony pink, and a pale periwinkle for shirt colors.) I can see it now: Endtime Chicks totes, Bible covers, rubber wristbands in pastels with personalized last days plague symbols...

Come on. What teen gal in youth group wouldn't dig that Armageddon Angels look with some stylishly mangled bootcut jeans?

And who knows? Maybe J. Mark will become the Christian Chick Lit equivalent of LaHaye/Jenkins with the vast masses of ladies-who-laugh-lunch-read-and-pray.


Camy Tang said...

LOL! Mirster, I can't quite decide if you're funnier doing that post tongue-in-cheek or dead serious.


Dineen A. Miller said...

Love the title and the artwork rocks! Why do I find it so funny that a guy thought of this? LOL!