Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas to The Mir: First Place in THE SWORD REVIEW fiction contest

Well...I opened my e-mailbox and found some delightful news in there. I won THE SWORD REVIEW's first fiction contest. Oh, yeah. Makes a gal feel good to hear this:

"Voices From the Void" ...tells a story of intergalactic travel that is more about journeys to find self-understanding than reaching a destination. Why do we do what we do? The judges agreed across the board that this entry was tops!

You better believe that's got me grinning!

My story will appear in the January issue of this fun-to-read e-zine. I encourage you to visit THE SWORD REVIEW and browse. If you love SFF with a spiritual content, you should check out their columns or hang out in the forum with other Christian SFF enthusiasts. If you write Christian SFF, why not submit your poetry or fiction for consideration?

Merry Christmas to me!


Camy Tang said...



Mirtika said...

Thanky, thanky.

A pat on the back and moolah. It's all good.

April said...

Congratulations, Mir! That has to feel great!!

michael snyder said...

Huge congratulations!! That's kind of a cool early Christmas present. So take some time to wallow in all that good cheer.


Mirtika said...

Hey, Mike. Nice to see your "face" again. I have wallowed very nicely. The day I get my book in my hands (I refuse to say IF, only WHEN), I will probably need to be driven to the ER for some of that cardiac sizzle-whacker.


michael snyder said...

If what I've read of yours so far (and especially phrases like 'cardiac sizzle-whacker) is any indication...then I'm voting for WHEN as well.

mike duran said...

Congrats, Mir! Does this mean you're the reigning Queen of the Sword? Yikes. A woman with a blade. That's a dangerous combo. Hey, that sci-fi site looks kinda cool, too. Good job!

Paula said...

Congratulations!! I'll tell my friend about this ezine. Thanks!

Mirtika said...

My sword comes in very politically incorrect genuine calfskin in burgundy in the updated NASB translation. Although, I have big on a Reformation STudy Bible (genuine leather, not calfskin) also in burgundy.

I have many, many swords of that sort around. And a medieval mace under my bed. And a small hatchet. ( I grew up in the Bronx. YOu learn to hide weapons about.)

Paula, thanks. Do spread the word on SWORD. Bill Snodgrass is doing a nice job of building up a Christian SFF community. We're small, but fervent. :D And one hopes...growing.


sally apokedak said...

congratulations, Mir. I'm sure it's a great story. give us the link when it is published.

upwords said...

I'm going to check that out. Sounds real good.