Friday, December 02, 2005

FIFTEEN COMMENTS ON BOOKS as requested by Mrs. Camy "Story Sensei" Tang

Comment on books #1: G.K. Chesterton said, "fiction is a necessity." This statement sums up a good portion of who I am. I exist, in part, to read. Another part exists to consume enchiladas and chocolate mousse and lasagna. Yet another part exists to gaze worshipfully upon my husband and bestow smooches upon his rosy cheeks. The best part exists to love God. But, oh, a good third of me--more some years, depends--exists to read stories. I have a sneaking suspicion heaven will be full of amazing storytellers telling amazing stories.

Comment on books #2: Books feel good. I like holding books. I shudder with pleasure over beautiful fonts, quality non-glossy paper, and well-designed covers. I will sometimes buy a book simply for the beauty of the binding and the artwork, and may never even read it, content with the pure physical pleasure of the object called "book." My husband is very good about not making jolly fun of me for this.

Comment on books #3: I like to sleep with books under, over, and around me.

Comment on books #3: "In the beginning was the word." The word is also omega. All that exists, other than God, began with words and ends with the Word, and is sustained by words from the Word. That tells me that books, the holders of words, are more important than many of us realize, and the importance defies technology and time. And maybe, when I take pleasure in a story, God is right there, reading along with me, taking pleasure, too, because, after all, he's the Master Storyteller and World-builder.

Comment on books #4: I really, really like that books are so flexible, so fluid, that they perfectly adapt themselves to my pace. They are as fast as I am fast, and as slow as I am slow, and sometimes, we both take a nap. Amazing, isn't it?

Comment on books#5: My favorite romance novel is THE SHADOW AND THE STAR by Laura Kinsale. My favorite Christian romance novel is REDEEMING LOVE by Francine Rivers.

Comment on books #6: My favorite science fiction book is DUNE by Frank Herbert (with MORE THAN HUMAN by Ted Sturgeon close behind and DANGEROUS VISIONS edited by Harlan Ellison trailing Teddy S.) My favorite Christian science-fiction story is FIREBIRD by Kathy Tyers.

Comment on books #7: My favorite fantasy book is too difficult to choose, because fantasy delights me and is my favorite genre. Try a Tanith Lee novel of Flat Earth, or a Jane Yolen, or a Robin McKinley, or a Patricia McKillip, or vist Middle Earth, or pick up one of Datlow and Windling's anthologies of grown-up fairy tales, or read the SANDMAN stories by Neil Gaiman, or get to know McCaffrey's dragons, or Ursula K. LeGuin's wizards, or Aslan. The pickings are too beguiling to narrow it down to one.

Comment on books #8: My favorite religious novel is FATHER ELIJAH by Michael D. O'Brien.

Comment on books #9: I think I would like to be buried in a crypt piled high with books, and me somewhere deep within the lovely clutter, a copy of the book of Psalms lying over my eyes.

Comment on books #10: The best book in the whole universe is The Bible, which is really a collection of pretty impressive books, which cover the span of time from zero to endgame and even touch the hem of eternity, which is an amazing bit of scope, and which was written by God himself. It's kind of hard to ignore a book written by God, but people do, which says more about how dumb people are, than about how good a writer God is, dontcha think?

Comment on books #11:
There once was a reader named Mir
Who found being bookless her fear,
So she filled up her purse,
Her car trunk and, worse,
All her bathrooms with tomes old and dear.

Comment on books #12: A room without books is a space that is in danger of falling into the void.

Comment on books #13: There is a name for people like me who love books and reading: bibliophile. It is composed of the Greek words for book (biblion) and love (philos). I like this word, but not as much as I like books, cause I love books, which is why I'm a bibliophile. So, is a person who hates books a bibliophobe?

Comment on books #13: I've heard that the word book comes from the Old English word bok, which stands for beech, and that beech bark was used as paper. I haven't verified this. Feel free to research the matter.

Comment on books #14: Have you ever had a fantasy of being a great scholar who time-travels to ancient Alexandria to peruse the literary treasures of the Great Library, all those priceless books consigned to flames by the conquering Caliph?

Oh, you haven't? Never mind.

Comments on books #15: Once upon a time, there was a perky, sweet, and very cute writer-damsel named Camy, who knew an equally darling writer-damsel named Dineen, who, in tag team fashion, conspired to provoke an obscure, but occasionally fetching and interesting blogger-princess, one not famed for humility, mind you, by name of Mir, to post fifteen comments on her blog on the subject of books.

Princess Mir, who lived in a cluttered and dusty kingdom ruled by herself and Prince Charles (the hunky one with engineering prowess in Miami, not the smug twit in London), pondered this demand for, oh, eleven seconds tops, and decided, "Why not?"

With tools in hand, Princess Mir was able to build up a great heap of comments without undue stress or perspiration, and even was reputed to have slain two dragons in between comments #2 and #3, causing the whole of the kingdom to rejoice, and enacting the fourth clause of the thousandth-and-one decree, that states unequivocably and irrevocably that there shall be a bonus comment #3 created as part of any dragon-slaying celebration. (No, really, the decree sayeth so.)

While writing comment #12, Princess Mir talked the great and toothsome prince with the sleepy eyes into putting himself to bed. The sheer beauty of the prince so delighted Princess Mir, that she added an extra comment #13 to mark the joyful Moment of Beholding.

Ultimately, in the dark, wee hours of night, when fifteen comments are prone to expanding into seventeen, came a sudden moment of great wisdom. Princess Mir realized that there was truly only one comment that was needed to be said on the subject of books, one remark that loomed above all comments as truth unvarnished. So, Princess Mir, glowing with illumination, decided to conclude her list with the comment that should have sufficed from the start, and for all time to come:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Books rule! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Camy Tang said...


Dude, not fair. Your comments are either deeper or funnier than mine. What's up with that?

Heather tagged you too? Bwahahahahaha...

Guess what??? I tagged you again! Bwahahahahaha....

Camy ducks and runs

Mirtika said...

I am standing in a tag-free zone in the Kingdom of Mirathon. THHPPTT!

Camy Tang said...

But I love you anyway.
Praying for you, too. Are you okay?
Lord God, we thank You for Your grace and ask You to touch Mir's ears with Your healing power. Amen.

sally apokedak said...

wonderful stuff, as always, Mir.

upwords said...

#9 is a beautiful image... Thanks for sharing.