Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Two Frothy Guffaws and a Shot of Mercy to Chase 'Em Down

In case you have a budget so tight that you have to grease around the edges to pay the higher balances on your ExxonMobil credit card, I offer proof that Americans do, indeed, have quite a bit of disposable income--and no, I don't mean the crazy sums we spend on renting Adam Sandler DVDs and paying-per-view for ephemeral sporting pleasures or on plumping up lips and bosoms into horrors of artifice:

Exhibit A: Rejection Toilet Paper. Please, please, tell me who spends 90 bucks on four rolls of toilet paper, no matter how amusing? Most writers are not "flush" with cash. I could never dump these babies down the john. Uh-uh. Pass the Charmin.

Exhibit B: The Unfortunate Pair of Leather Pants. This auction ad was written by a fella who could make a tidy sum writing a Lad Lit novel, methinks. Catch this fast. It won't be on ebay.com much longer. Guaranteed to elicit funky snorts from your oral region.

A gentle reminder:
The Salvation Army, SBC-NAMB, Samaritan's Purse, and other worthy Christian organizations are still out there helping the victims of the recent hurricanes. If you have a few bucks left over after filling up at the Amoco and splurging on used leather goods, please send off another--or your first-- donation.

And while you're in a giving frame of mind, please remember the Pakistani people. Even as I type,many are dying in the cold, without shelter, without food, some terribly injured. God's mercy--and yours--is much needed. Many of these people despise Westerners, so it's a question, then, of loving our enemies, because we love the God who loves them as much as He loves us.


April said...

Love the blog, Mir!

Praying Wilma will fizzle!!

Mirtika said...

Thanks so much, April, for dropping by, and even more for praying. I do cover prayers.