Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Scared Poopless in South Florida

Trust me, there is such a thing as storm exhaustion. Between last year and this, Florida is well and truly pooped out. We, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas make up the most aggrieved members of the New Millenium Hurricane Haters Association

And now Wilma may be coming to town. I loathe her with a passion already.

I am setting aside my WIP to go run the usual errands one must before a storm may strike: bank for cash, grocery store for food and other supplies, etc. Laundry must be done in case power goes out. (Katrina, a mere category one when she swept by, left us without power for 33 hours in hellish August.) Gas tanks must be filled. Flashlights tested. Plastic tubs and bags set out for encasing valuables. The crank-radio gotten out of its box. Bathrooms scrubbed and tubs readied for filling. Buckets located for drips. (And I still have a leak in the back room closet from Katrina that I haven't been able to get fixed cause all the building contractors are booked solid. No, it's not a roofing issue. Roofer said so.)

Sucks big time, people.

If you believe in prayer, please ask God to quash Wilma into oblivion before she makes landfall ANYWHERE.

Dr. Neil Frank, former Director of the National Hurricane Center, does believe prayer can calm a hurricane. Any true Christian knows without a doubt that Jesus, if he wills, can calm a storm--he's been there, done that. Only let us not be "of little faith." ::::smile::::

Lord, have mercy. Lord speak to the wind and the waves.


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Mirtika said...

Okay, I had to put that word verification thingie cause the major, annoying, greedy, rude fools who spam comment sections attacked.

I hope their CPU's fry. I hope their keyboards crack. I hope their businesses tank.

Yeah, I hate spammers.