Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mmmmm, yummy! Oooooh, pretty!--or--How to Lessen Stormwatch Stress

I cannot possibly eat another thing. I've storm binged. Yes, there is a new syndrome. Storm binging. (Or is that bingeing?) Consuming mass quantities of whatever is at hand in order to get some serotonin up to the taxed nervous system.


I should have just bid on something on eBay. Fewer calories.

Yep, that's another storm distraction technique: shopping!

So, a little plug: A pal of mine with an artistic bent makes custom-designed, seriously adorable cards. She's a scrapbooking enthusiast who transfers those skills to her card designs. Check out Nana Renan's auctions. She made me a one-of-a-kind birthday card for my grandniece that is a thousand times cuter than anything I could buy in the stores. Nice enough to merit keepsake status. The auction cards are simpler than my special-ordered one, but they're still very, very nice.

Yeah, food and pretties. That'll keep me from losing it as Wilma churns.


April said...

The only great thing about the power going out: I get to eat all of the icecream in the freezer without any guilt!

Sending prayers your way! ;-)

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Mir! Aren't you going to evacuate?

Mirtika said...

Anonymous, don't think it's not tempting. Yesterday, the idea of calling up for plane tickets kept popping into the Mir's wee head. (It is actually sorta wee, too, which means without poufy hair, I look pinheaded. So not fair.)

But I'm still yelling peace and be still at the tv and having faith God will evaporate the storm.

Call me a fool with a mustard seed's faith. The mountain of hot air won't move. It's gonna disappear.

:::::wobbly smile:::::::

What was American's number again?


Small Blue Thing said...

Hola mi hermana:

Espero que pueda leer español, Mir. Mi abuela era cubana de La Habana, hija de españoles, y luego regresó.

Es un placer tener a una paisana de visita en la Campana de Cristal (en español) o su homónima en inglés.

Abrazos fraternos desde España

Blue Thing

Mirtika said...

Cosita Azul,
Thanks for dropping by. I can understand Spanish, read it, but speaking it, well, my tongue gets all tangled and my grammar stinks. That's what comes of growing up here, instead of back in Cuba, like my siblings.